Everyday Makeup

Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd do a little post on my everyday makeup that I'm liking to wear at the moment!


Firstly, I apply my MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.  This gives quite good coverage so I don't need concealer at the moment, but for under my eyes I use the collection Lasting Perfection.


I then just go over my face with my favourite powder (which I've hit pan on :( ) Rimmel Stay Matte, with the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Brush.

I like to use the Barry M Natural Glow Palette 2, which has 6 eyeshadows and a primer.  I use my finger and just cover my eye lids with the primer.  

I then use the first colour over my whole eye lid using the Real Techniques base shadow brush and then through the crease of my eye I put the second colour through with the Real Techniques Angled Shadow Brush. 

I then curl my eyelashes using the nicest coloured curlers ever (in my opinion anyway haha) from a Ted Baker Makeup set.

As I want this to be quit a natural make up look I just use this black eye shadow from Barry M to draw a fine line over my eyelashes using the Real Techniques eye liner Brush.  I then use my Rimmel Wonderful Mascara with Argan Oil.

Finally, onto my cheeks.  

I use this Colour Works Blusher just on the apples of my cheeks using the Real Techniques Cheek Brush.  This is just a really nice natural 'flushed' look. 

I then use this Bronzer from Ted Baker, which I also use as a highlighter as it has quite a lot of sparkle in it and just gives me a nice glow on my cheeks.


This Ted Baker is just a nice red colour (as you can see from the swatch) it is really well pigmented and really moisturising. 

So that's my makeup I like at the moment! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know of any makeup you're liking in the comments or if you liked this post :) 


Fashion and Beauty Haul

Hello again, back to more fashion/beauty related topic today!

I always like reading beauty or fashion hauls so I thought it would be fun to do one.  Over the past couple of months I have bought a few too many fashion and beauty items, and basically spent all the Christmas and birthday money I had, so I thought I will put them all in one post and show you all.


The first thing was these shoes from Topshop. I got them in the sale for £15!! (If you know Topshop, that is actually very cheap for them haha)  I really like these shoes, and they are so comfy!

The next things were more shoes from H&M. In higndsight, these may not be worth the £29 I paid for them as I don't wear heels often enough really.  But they just looked so nice on the website I had to get them!

Still from H&M I got this skater skirt. I really love this colour and I think for £12.99 this is really nice. I like the subtle pattern on it and it is such a soft material!

(Sorry for the bad lighting in this picture, it's a plum colour and I also have it in black)

The final fashion item I purchased was this blouse from Primark for £8.  It is a Duck Egg blue, which looks really nice, but I'm not sure if it's going to suit me but I'm going to try it anyway! 

Onto Beauty!

The first thing I purchased was The Real Techniques- Nic's Picks.  This set includes a Duo-fiber face brush, Cheek Brush (exclusive to the set), Angled Shadow Brush (exclusive to the set), Base Shadow Brush and an Eyeliner Brush (exclusive to the set).  I am well and truly in love with this set and, in my opinion, it is definitely worth the money! 

(Once again, sorry for the quality of the pictures!) 

I'm not really one for lipsticks, but when I went into Boots the other day I thought it was time to invest in one! So i picked up this Rimmel one in the: 480 Classic Wine.  To me, this lipstick seems really nice consistency and it lasts all day! 

Finally, I picked up a mascara. I have quite a few mascaras, but I thought I would try one from Rimmel this time.  So I bought this one, which has Argon Oil in. I really like it, it separates my eyelashes well and gives me lots of volume.  The only problem I have with it, is that it doesn't seem to stay on my eyes too well! By the end of the day, sometimes, half of it is down my face which is not what I want! Haha.

So that's all for my post today! As I've said throughout, sorry for the quality of the pictures, my iPhone isn't great at pictures with all the cracks around the camera, oops haha. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this, and let me know any items you want to buy and if you like this sort of post!


5 Things That Help Me

Hello again.

Today, I thought I'd post about something a bit different.   As you may know, I suffer from anxiety and depression which leaves me to not really feeling that happy most of the time and not knowing what to do (woah bit deep, lets change the tone haha) When I feel down these are a few things I will try and do, which mostly work for me.  I'm hoping that this will help a few of you, and if doesn't I hope you at least enjoyed reading it!

  1. Exercise: I know that everyone says this helps with anxiety, but it really does. I never really thought it would when I got told about it, but I tried it and it did.  It doesn't necessarily mean going to gym everyday or going for runs (it can be if you want) but something like yoga which helps focus on your breathing helps or just going for a stroll out, which I like to do.
  2. Diet: When I'm going through a bad time with my mood, I always try and focus on what I'm eating.  Even though I don't have much of an appetite, I still try to eat healthy as I feel that watching what you put inside you does make a difference. Be healthy! 
  3. Talking: This may not help all of you, but you should definitely try it.  Just talking to friends, family, even teachers about how you're feeling can really help.  I find just telling people about how I feel really helps me. Suffering in silence is never good, trust me! Even talk to me if you want to.
  4. Lists: Sometimes I find that writing a list of everything positive in my life makes me feel better.  It makes you realise that not all is bad.  Granted, that it may be hard to think of anything positive when you're feeling down, but there is always something positive in your life.
  5. Social media: Right, I know what works for me on this topic, but I know the opposite will work for others. I find, that distracting my self by going on Twitter or Facebook usually helps me.  It gives me the chance to not think about how crap I may be feeling.  However, I know that for others social media just makes things 10X worse, so for those it is good for you to just switch your phone off.  Just sit down and focus on you, don't worry about anyone else (sometimes this does help me)
So there we are.  That is my short list of things I do that help me, that I'm hoping may help some of you if you suffer from anxiety or just generally feeling down.  If it doesn't, maybe you may have friends that would find this useful? I hope even if you know no one that suffers from anxiety etc. that you enjoyed this slightly different post.

Please remember, you are always welcome to talk to me via Twitter or email or commenting on this post :)


Blog lovin

This is just a very short post, just to say I have joined Blog Lovin.  So please all check me out on there!

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I hope you all enjoyed my post last night.


Fashion and Beauty Q and A!

I have a bit of a different post for you all today.  It is a collaboration with Ellie from The Girl in the Blue Dress.  Please all go and check out her lovely blog after you've finished reading this because it is beautiful and similar posts to mine!

I asked Ellie some fashion and beauty related questions and here are her answers.  Hope you enjoy reading this.

1. What is your favourite fashion High street store?
     River Island  

2. What is your favourite HighStreet beauty drugstore brand?


3. What is your favourite high end make-up brand?

    MAC! Definitely 

4.  What items would be in your fantasy fashion wardrobe?
     Proper Camel Coat, that fits.
5.  What items would be in your perfect makeup bag?

     MAC Blankety lipstick and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

6.  What is your skin care routine?

     Wash my face using Crystal Clear face wash, then moisturise with Clinique dramatically difference moisturiser.  There will be a blog post soon on Ellie's blog about this :)

    7. What is your favourite skin care product? 
    Body Shop vitamin A sorbet

8.  What are your bag essentials? 

     Eos, Make-up touch ups and Phone

So those are all the questions I asked Ellie and her responses.  If you want to see the questions she asked me and my responses, please go over and check out her blog!

Where to find Ellie:

Blog: http://thegirlinthebluedresss.blogspot.com/ 

Blog Lovin: http://bloglovin.com/thegirlinthebluedresss …

Twitter: https://twitter.com/elliewoodx1 

Instagram: http://instagram.com/elliewoodx1 

Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCz9sOq0a4paBV6WRBFLhqhA …

Hope you enjoyed this different post!


First Mac Purchases!

A couple of days ago, I went to London with my mum and went into Harrods.  The first thing I saw when I went in was Mac.  I've always wanted to buy some Mac makeup, but there's no where around where I live to buy any and it is quite pricey.  However, as another Christmas present my mum said she would buy me on thing and I could use some of my own money for another (best mum ever) so I did and here they are.

The first thing was the Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation:

I love it.  The coverage is so good and doesn't give a 'cakey' look.  It just looks really nice and yes, I just really like it haha.

The next was veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow: Plumluxe.
 I have only wore this once so far, but the one time I did, it was perfect,  I used the top colour.  It is so glittery and I wore it on New Years Eve and it lasted the whole night.

I know this isn't a detailed review, but I just thought I should do a short post on them because its Mac and I've never bought any before and now I'm very happy.



As it is now the start of a new year, I thought it would be nice to me to write a post on 2014 and my resolutions for 2015.

2014 wasn't the best of years for me, it had its up and downs.  For a start, it was the year my anxiety got a lot worse and was suffering badly with depression.  I was falling behind on school work and constantly having to go to meetings with teachers explaining why, but not telling them about my mental illness and just just making up excuses.  Towards the end of the year, my dog was killed by a car.  We had her for 8 years, so this was a very hard thing to deal with.  That's about it for the bad things luckily and I know things could have been worse, but this was all very hard for me.

This post has got a bit sad now so onto the good things! I made some amazing friends that have supported me and been there always and just are generally wonderful.  I also went to see Billy Elliot the Musical which was AMAZING.  Finally, in December, we got 2 new kittens.  They are perfect and we love them haha. (Not much but it helped the year be not so bad and actually ok)

My resolutions:

I have't really got any major resolutions because I always fail at them, but this year my main one is to be happy.  As cheesy/silly as it sounds, that is all I want.  I want to make sure that I live life for me and stop caring what other people think of me. I'm going to focus on trying to get over my depression and just be happy (Hopefully).  My other resolutions are to be more healthy.  I want to start excreting more and having a better diet.  Marcus and Niomi (Youtubers) have inspired me to do this, but not so extreme as I don't think I'd cope haha.

Let me know your highlights of 2014 and your new years resolutions!