What Is My Face Worth?

I love reading these posts.  Not sure why, I just like knowing what makeup people are wearing I guess! Since I enjoy reading them so much, I thought I would enjoy writing one and it would be interesting to see how much it all costs.

The Body Shop Insta Blur- £14.00
Rimmel Match Perfection- £6.99
Rimmel Wake Me up concealer- £5.49
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer- £3.99
The Body Shop Brush On Bronze- £14.00
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: £3.99

Avon Eye Shadow Primer: £7.00
MUA Hall Of Fame Eyeshadow Palette- £4.00
MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow: Plumluxe- £30.00
Barry M Blink Waterproof Precision Eyeliner- £4.59
Benefit Rollerlash- £19.50

Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm, On Fie- £5.99
Intense Gloss, Quick Smooch- £2.00

All in all, that comes in at £121.54. I am shocked. Never did I think my everyday make up would cost so much! It could be a lot more as well, if I was using more high end products instead of MUA. Crazy! Also, the quality of the pictures is worse than normal! Sorry! Dodgy iPhone after dropping it numerous times haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if any of you have done this! I'd love to have a look :)


P.S.  As I have exams coming up and a lot of work due in that I've missed through the year, this might be my last post for about a month.  I should have scheduled more posts, but I've ran out of time. With my anxiety, I need to just focus on my exams no matter how much I enjoy blogging! (If any of you wondered haha)

Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation | Review

Hi everyone!
Back in January I purchased the Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation.

At first I loved this product, the coverage was good, it made my skin look nice and didn't go all 'cakey', so I was happy.  However, after a little while it all changed (that makes it sound more dramatic than it is haha)
My skin suddenly started breaking out all the time and I couldn't control it.

Once I noticed my skin suddenly started breaking out, I stopped using the foundation for a bit and my skin slowly cleared up.  I tried it again, just to check if it was the foundation, and I broke out again. I'm really disappointed, I was so excited when I first purchased this foundation.

The coverage has also got worse, I try to build up the coverage but then my skin just looks dry and cakey and not what I want! Has this happened to any of you?

The main point of this post really is for any of you to recommend me a good foundation? I'm currently really stuck for a decent one! I'd like one with high coverage, but without looking cakey. Please let me know of any you like in the comments!


Small Beauty Haul

I decided to do a small haul for you all today as I've just bought some things from Avon and one thing from Benefit.

I'll start off with Benefit. So you may, or may not, know that I've been wanting Roller Lash more or less since it was released. I've finally got it! It does not disappoint. I have never been so in love with a mascara haha.

Now onto the Avon Products...

Nailwear pro + in Pastel Pink

I think spring time is the perfect time for pastel colours and so I thought it was only right I bought a new pastel coloured nail varnish.  I think that Avon have really good quality nail varnish for a good price.

Avon Magic Effects - Frayed edges

I saw this in the Avon book matched up with the Pastel Pink nail varnish and it looked so pretty so I went ahead and bought it! Its something a bit different to just the typical glitter nail varnish I own.

Avon Eyeshadow Primer

I know this is bad, but I've never owned an eyeshadow primer.  I just never really think about them to be honest, but I saw this in the Avon book and it seemed a reasonable price for my first eyeshadow primer!

Concealer Brush
I'm always on the look for new makeup brushes, Real Techniques are my favourite, but they're not always within my budget unfortunately! So when I saw that Avon had offers on their brushes I went for the concealer one. I've never used a brush from Avon before so we'll have to see what its like.

Avon Kimmy Sunglasses 

The final thing I decided to buy were these sunglasses.  I desperately need more sunglass and for the price of £5 how could I not buy these?!

Let me know if you want a review of any of these products, I do enjoy writing reviews! 


Southwold | 2015

I visited Southwold in Suffolk over the Easter weekend which is my most favourite place ever so I took a few pictures and so I thought I would share them with you :) Unfortunately, I only have my iPhone to take pictures so the quality could be better and the weather wasn't great on some days, but oh well!

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know of some of your favourite places in the comments! 


Mental Health

So I've been debating whether to write a post on this topic for quite a while.  Mainly because I'm nervous and scared of how people will react, but I have now just decided to just go ahead and do it (clearly...) I'm not sure where I'm going to go with this post, I'm just going to write and see what happens!

A bit about me first.. Since a very young age, I have struggled with anxiety. There's a post here of the things I do that help me. A couple of years ago I was also diagnosed with depression.  So yes, I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. When I was first diagnosed with the depression I found it very hard to accept and I was convinced that no matter what, I would become suicidal and that terrified me and so I refused to accept the fact I had depression. This made things so much harder for me and everyone else around me.  However, eventually I accepted it. This made things slightly easier, but it also meant I was now dealing with the stigma and around it.  I don't cope that well with my depression and I hate anyone knowing about my illness, there are only 2 people that know fully about it. But this post isn't about me so lets move on....

(Photo from https://unsplash.com

The main reason I was inspired to write this post is because of the stigma around all mental illnesses.  I've read posts and watched videos talking about it, so I thought I should join in as it is something I feel strongly about. 

What I hate most, is the way that you have to try and make yourself look like you have a problem. I hate the way, some people feel the need to harm themselves just so they can get the help they need. I hate how people use depression as an adjective.  I hate that its not a good enough reason to take a day off school/uni/ work.  For example, in class a few weeks ago,  my friend had a tummy ache and the tutor allowed her to go home. No questions asked, she was just allowed to leave. Later in the class, I had a panic attack. I was with a friend outside telling her I couldn't face going back in and she understood so went and got my stuff for me and told the tutor I had to leave. However, the tutor came out and told me I couldn't leave. She made me go with her to get a drink and then made me sit through the rest of the class. I asked twice if I could leave, she said "no, you're fine. I'm not allowing you to leave".  If this isn't a good example of how mental illness isn't treated the same as physical illness, I don't know what is. 

The stigma around all mental illness is ridiculous.  The way me and so many others feel the need to hide their illness from everyone around them because they are afraid that people will just react with "get over it" or "get away from me, you're weird, you'll always be in a bad mood" (I don't know if this is what everyone feels, but I know a lot of people do) or scared that everyone will just leave you.

The way that so many normal people and celebrities (not that they're not normal, but you know what I mean) have died because of depression for some people to start to realise that it is a REAL SERIOUS ILLNESS. It is not them just being sad or attention seeking, its them being ill, just on the inside.  The brain is an organ, just like hearts. People with a heart disease don't just get told to "get over it". 

Something really has to change. 

I really love this video from Mae (check out her channel) and she basically says what I have tried to say in this post.  I agree with everything she says. 

If you are going through a hard time, please just talk to someone. It can literally be anyone, a teacher, friend, doctor, people you speak to online, even me. It will make you feel better, even if slightly. Honestly.  
I am always here if any of you want to talk because, trust me, I've probably been through it (depression wise anyway).  You can leave comments below or email me or tweet me (@percypippins) Anything.  Just know I'm here to talk :) 

Finally, this video from Zoe Sugg, she said that whenever she starts to feel anxious or panicky she said that its ok for her to be feeling like that, and I think that it is a very good thing to remember.  Don't feel bad for having a mental illness, its an illness as the name suggests, so its ok for you to be feeling the way you do.

Hopefully one day this stigma will be gone and more people will finally understand.