Oxford Street Lush Haul


As I was in London a few weeks ago I thought it was only right that I went into the Oxford Street Lush to see what everyone was talking about! I picked up a few things.  Not as many as I would have liked as it was SO busy you could barely move and that does not work well with my anxiety. Anyway here is what I picked up (I'm sorry the pictures are so bad, I didn't think about lighting and yes, sorry but I hope you don't mind too much!)

'Frozen' Bath Bomb, this smells amazing.  The colour it leaves your bath is so pretty and there's glitter floating around, what more could you want?! 

Guardian Of The Forest (I can't find it on the website) This one was being demonstrated in the shop and I loved the deep green colour it made the bath water look and the design of the bath bomb was so good.  The picture definitely doesn't show it.


The Experimenter, I'm going to be honest here... I picked this one up purely because of the design of it and imaging how it would turn my bath (Its amazing in the bath, my bath was literally like a rainbow... But when it finished my bath was grey so not the nicest end result) the down side to this for me, was the smell.  I really didn't like it.  But I know lots of people do, it just wasn't for me!

Karma, this was the only bubble bar I managed to pick.  It looks so good, I love gold glitter so the top of this is just perfect for me.  The smell is so refreshing and lovely.  I haven't used this one yet, but I can't wait to see the purple coloured water! Haha. I think they have changed this formula since I purchased it so it might be different now, I'm not sure. 

Sun (I can't find it on the website) I've never bought an oil from Lush before so I'm not really sure what they do.  They explained to me in the shop that it just makes you feel really soft and relaxed.  I loved the look and smell of this one so I thought I'd get it! 

So there we have everything I picked up from the Lush in Oxford Street.  I was going to try and describe the smells buuut I'm terrible at explaining scents haha.  Sorry again for the awful pictures.

Let me know any products from Lush you love! 


What I do after a panic/anxiety attack

I think panic and anxiety attacks are more or less the same (I might be wrong, I just know I have panic attacks).  They're both awful and drain a hell of a lot of energy from you.  I go through times of having them very frequently and then not so much.  Either way, I like to do a number of things after I've had one to try and relax myself and get some energy back!  These things usually help me, they may not help you as we are all different, but I really hope they do!

1.  Tell yourself you got through it: I like to remind myself that I got through the panic attack and I'm ok now.  A few minutes ago, your heart was racing, you felt like you couldn't breath and basically felt like you were about to die. Look at yourself now.  You got through it.  You didn't die.  YOU were strong enough to get through.  If it happens again, remind yourself that.  Remember that you had no reason to be so scared, it was all ok.

2.  Work out the cause: It might just be me, but I like to try and think about what caused my panic attack.  If I know what caused it I sometimes think "You know, that was a really scary thing to me and thats's why my anxiety got out of control.  Next time, it won't need to" (does that make any sense? Haha)

3. Have a shower and get changed into your favourite PJs: I get very hot and sweaty during panic attacks and so the best thing I find to do is have a shower.  It gets you clean and refreshed, whilst giving you some time to think about what just happened and remind yourself of point number 1.  Normally, I find baths more relaxing but after I've had the attack the thought of a bath makes me feel horrible. I like to change into my favourite PJs because why not?

4. Have a drink and watch some Netflix/TV:  After I've had my shower I just like to go and lay on my bed and drink a load of water.  I then like to make myself a hot chocolate and watch some Netflix or TV in bed.

5.  Go to bed or have a nap: If its night time I just go to bed or if its during the day, I'll just have an hour or so nap.  As I've said, panic attacks drain a lot of energy.  I always feel so exhausted after and just want to sleep.  When I wake up, I'll (most of the time) feel a bit better!

So there you have a few things I do after I've had a panic attack. I hope some of these may help you! If you have any things you like to do, please let me know in the comments! 


Lunch at The Ritz | 5th September 2015

Hey again!

For my Mum's birthday her friend got her a voucher for Lunch at The Ritz for 2 people (what an amazing present haha) so last Saturday we finally went and we honestly had the best time ever.  I want to remember this day for a long time so I thought I would share some pictures with you all and then I can also look back on it one day (the main reason for my blog, its like a little diary I share haha)

(Scallop Ceviche)
(Carrot Veloute)
(Gloucester Old Spot Pork)
(Norfolk Black Leg Chicken)
(We both had the Chocolate Soufflé)
(Little treats that they gave us!)

Just a few pictures of the surroundings!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 


(Just wanted to say, I am in no way trying to brag about this or anything it was just a nice day out that I want to look back on and also share with you all)